Alumni Spotlight: Camilla Santos

Within the walls of our TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academies, we see endless talent in our students and that talent only continues to grow in the students who move on to their professional careers in the beauty industry after graduation. With the countless possibilities out there for licensed cosmetologists, we have found our alumni in many different places and facets of the beauty industry.


For one of our newly graduated alumni, she has found herself lending her talent to cause-driven projects. Camilla Santos graduated from the Costa Mesa TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy this past March. She began working with charitable organizations and designers while she was still a student at the academy.


Before she graduated, Camilla had the opportunity to work with Phoebe Dahl, the designer and founder of Faircloth+Supply on set for a photoshoot. The company designs collections that aim to forge a path toward women’s empowerment worldwide. The main focus of this brand is to give support to underprivileged women in Nepal. For every item sold from Faircloth+Supply, a young girl in Nepal receives a school uniform.


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“I was able to do both hair and makeup for the relaunching of the [Faircloth+Supply] website,” Camilla explained. “It was such an amazing experience to be surrounded by artists and people that have so much passion for all aspects of the beauty industry.”


(Notice: Camilla's hair and makeup is the first image you see when you peep that homepage!)


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The looks Camilla created for the photoshoot incorporated edgy, effortless textured hair and natural, minimal makeup. To create the hairstyles featured, she mainly used Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray and a generous amount of coconut oil.


Faircloth+Supply has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Urban Outfitters (now sold out) and the Los Angeles Times.


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Recently, Camilla used her talents for good once again for a project with an organization called 18for18. The charity raises money for women and children who have been sold into sex trafficking. The goal of 18for18 is to help support victims of sex trafficking by providing food, shelter and other basic needs through donated funds. To raise these funds, people partner with 18for18 for a day of skydiving to face their fears, representing the over 1 million victims of the sex trade. The volunteers gather donations for their jump to benefit the organization. This year, they raised over $350,000


Actress Serinda Swan partnered with the organization recently and Camilla had the opportunity to do her hair for the event. Serinda has been on Graceland, Chicago Fire and The Tomorrow People. For the fundraiser, Camilla styled her hair into three boxer braids, better known as corn rows, and three mini buns at the base of the braids.


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On top of all of Camilla’s accomplishments to date–which are pretty impressive when you think that she graduated a mere 6 months ago–she also has some exciting news for the TONI&GUY family: She will be joining the TONI&GUY Irvine team in October!

Congratulations to Camilla on all of her successes and we wish her the best of luck in this new chapter of her T&G story! We know she will continue to do great things!


You can keep up with all of Camilla's incredible work through her website and her Instagram. She's definitely one you'll want to watch!

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